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Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Closeup Leaked of BlackBerry N-Series Front Panel !

It's in B&W, but we'll take em' as we can get. This recent photo of what is going to be the first BlackBerry N-Series device, rumored to be called the BlackBerry X10, is the closest shot to date that we have had of the elusive device. Just a couple days ago an image leaked showing the first screenshot of the back of the device.

In the image we see the notorious shiny fret between each line of letters, as well as some very nice clean font. Looks to be a barcode blurred out at the bottom. Apparently the leaker of this image wants to keep their job. Nothing in this photo that would suggest it's fake.
However, we should take note that we could also be looking at a Dev Alpha C device. The QWERTY version of the developer testing alpha devices. We won't know for sure until RIM confirms it all at launch next month on Jan 30th.

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