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Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

Review App: Polarbear App For BlackBerry 10 (BETA version)

If you haven't heard of Polarbear before it's essentially a native BlackBerry 10 application that will allow you to post to a selection of social media accounts in one hit. Gone will be the days of typing the same update into the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc, as Polarbear will let you update various apps from just one place. You can see some screenshot of Polarbear App from my BlackBerry Z10:

 (You can compose a message to all of your account but you need to log in first.)

 (On the left bottom, you can see the settings menu. You can connect your accounts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Tumblr, Blogger,, Google+ (App Activities).)

(Connect your account such as Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.)
 (On the right bottom, you can see the Polarbear menu. You can contact the developer to give some information about this app or asking about this awesome app directly to developer.)

 (Write something that you like to do and share it to all you account or you can select some of your account.)

 (You can select some if your account from this menu)

 (I think this app needs Active Frame. So this app looks awesome!)

(After you choose "post to" you can choose "post" button.)

(And thara!! Its done. Very easy to use, right?)

When released, the Polarbear app will support all currently available BlackBerry 10 devices (i.e. Z10, Q10, Q5). For more info ration on Polarbear, and to sign up to be a potential beta tester , you can visit or

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